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So, apart from coaching I am also actively training and racing.... I coach myself BTW!!

This page shows some of the races I have competed in recently (would have been had it not been for the pandemic!), but also some of my future races and adventures!

So, if you see any races that I have done that you are interested in doing, drop me a line and I can give you the inside track on what it was like!


If you see any races that I am doing in the near future that you are also doing, then let me know!

This page will be updated regularly, so be sure to check back from time to time!

Photo Credit: @the_phbalance

Drop me a line!


Here are some of the events I have taken part in over the last year or so. Had it not been for the pandemic, I would have done far more!

This page will be updated as events/races are completed!


October 2020

When it comes to trail running events for all ages and abilities, the Maverick team have it down!

This was a brilliant coastal trail ultra (slightly longer than advertised!), that started near Swanage and headed out to the coast path heading west towards Tyneham and then back inland towards Corfe Castle and through some stunning countryside to the finish.

Well-marshalled and signed with awesome volunteers at the aid stations too. The finish area is typical of all Maverick events - who doesn't like to drink beer and eat pizza after you finish?


Photo Credit: @the_phbalance


May 2021

With Centurion Running being the home of 50 and 100 mile ultramarathons, this one was always going to be epic and true to form, it was amazing! It was also pretty tough too as 50 mile trail races go, as due to the previous week's heavy rain there was LOADS of mud to contend with throughout the day!


Aside from a huge blister which I managed to sort at 24 miles, it was pretty good going until about 28 miles when my quads decided to grumble. Determined to not let it get me down, I forged on pushing when I could onwards towards the finish. The sight of the famous 'centurion arch' came into view about a mile from the finish as you pass it in a field behind it, which prompted an increase in pace and a strong push to the line.


Want to try a 50 mile race, check out Centurion Running - you won't be disappointed!

Photo Credit: @stumarchphoto


June 2021

For me, racing is not just about performance, it is also about the social side of running and the trail-running community is one like no other. Always so supportive and definitely a 'ego-free' zone!

This race with the Maverick team was a planned social one which saw me take to the trails with my running mates and just enjoy being out there in the fresh air with them. It's fair to say that we laughed a lot and really just had fun!

24km is a great distance to run as it gives you the opportunity to run hard if that's what you want to do, or like we did, just spend good quality time with your mates doing what you love.

Of course Maverick, being Maverick, the support, marshalling, course-markings, organisation and just everything about it was spot-on. Yes, beer and pizza featured at the end too!!



July 2021

This is the most recent and probably the most fun I've had in an ultra race!

The organisers - Freedom Racing - put on a great event supported by Salomon and with this being one of the events in the Salomon Golden Trail Series, it was always going to live up to expectation in terms of organisation and depth of quality at the front of the field. The mud from the crazy amount of rain we had in the weeks preceding the race didn't make for particularly quick racing in parts, but it is still a quick course though.

I made the decision to go out hard from the start as I felt preparation had gone well in the lead up to this and I had recovered well from the North Downs Way 50. Once we were out of the woods which was single track for about a mile, I started to put the hammer down - I was now racing!

Checkpoints/aid stations (apart from the 1st one that I almost missed altogether!) were really great and friendly and I flew through them as quick as I could to maximise run time.

At mile 28 it felt as though my legs were ready to 'power down', but after a quick word with them (and myself!) and some food, I pushed on and ran hard all the way to the finish!

A great race and really well-organised - highly recommend it if you are in the market for a quick 50K.

Photo Credit: @the_phbalance

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