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Trail running is just the best way to run! Out there in the fresh air and enjoying running with friends or on your own. However sometimes, it can be a bit scary getting out there if you are new to trail running, especially if it means exploring unfamiliar areas. Then there is knowing where you are going, where you left the car, how to navigate the uphills and downhills, what to take with you.... the list goes on!


We offer the opportunity to explore the trails in a fun, safe and informative way. Our 'local guided trail runs' are a great way to explore some of the fantastic trails we have locally and further a field (if you would prefer).

  • Up to 60 mins*

  • Local trails to Destination RUN Coaching will be where the run will take place **

  • Advice given on technique, kit, nutrition, race options (if required)

*Time spent running is dependent on ability/stage of runner and type of session-focus required

**10 mile radius from Destination RUN Coaching but can be further away on request - price adjusted accordingly, prior to booking


PAIR/GROUP - £20 per runner

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