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This can be a regular weekly session or just when you need it!

Running on the trails can be very different to running on the roads and vice-versa, so working on different aspects of running on either surface can have a really positive effect on how you perform.

We offer a variety of sessions that can help you run better and more efficiently...whatever the terrain or distance!

If you want the more bespoke experience and have sessions and exercises tailored for you then this is the best way to get the most out of your running.

Pricing change effective from the 1st September 2024 - please enquire for further details.

  • Up to 60 mins*

  • Local to Destination RUN Coaching**

  • Focus on runner’s individual need/s, eg. general running, interval sessions, running form/technique, uphill/downhill running, running drills, practicing race-day nutrition. (To be discussed prior to booking)

  • Arranged to fit around your weekly commitments.  

£35* per session (£25 for under 16's)

£30 if you are signed up to one of our Monthly Coaching Packages


*Time spent running is dependent on ability/stage of runner and type of session-focus required;

**Within 15 mile radius of the Fleet, Hampshire area - POA for locations outside of this;

1-2-1 Coaching with Athlete
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