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Destination RUN Coaching athlete with medal

Rich J

"Having tried to run a marathon before with a generic internet plan, I found that when things changed, I lost focus and couldn’t discuss the plan with anyone. Destination RUN were suggested to me and from the first meeting they were professional and personable. I signed up to monthly plan/group sessions and they trained me all the way to Manchester marathon 2019. I am still on the monthly plan now as Its not only a way to keep accountable but also to keep fit and train with likeminded people. Would 100% recommend."

Destination RUN Coaching athlete running

Terrence J

"I have been a member of the Destination RUN Coaching  (formerly PB Coach) community since 2017.
The kn
owledge of the coaches is some of the best you will find, but more importantly they are not just phenomenal coaches, but amazing people. Coaching me back to some really good PB’s after major surgery.

Come and see for yourself and join the community."

Destination RUN Coaching athlete with medal

Chloe B

"Destination RUN Coaching was highly recommended to me via a friend who has not only been achieving great PB's, but has made some great friends. For the same cost of a gym membership I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In just over 6 months, through Destination RUN Coaching's professional and supportive help, I've managed to become a consistent runner, my pace has dramatically improved and I've found a whole new love for running. Not forgetting to mention, I completed my first marathon! 

I was only looking to have a coach to help with the marathon training, but I enjoy the group sessions and structure of having a coach so much, they aren't getting rid of me anytime soon!"

Destination RUN Coaching athlete running

Timmy B

"I had been running for a few years, doing my own thing and getting frustrated I wasn’t improving, so I joined Destination RUN, and straight away the team there assessed me, started me on a plan to build strength, fitness, and after a solid base was built, I started to add speed. Within weeks I noticed the difference in my long runs, how much stronger and fitter I felt, and how I could recover quicker after. The team at Destination RUN are excellent at what they do, so friendly, and treat my needs individually. The club nights are great to join up with other like minded runners. My PB's started improving, after a few months, and the guys at Destination RUN have got me to a level I wouldn’t have been able to achieve with the training I was doing before I joined them."

Destination RUN Coaching athlete with medal

Emma M

"After my first marathon attempt I knew I wanted to be better prepared for the next one on the horizon. I was nervous about contacting a running coach as I thought they would only be for ‘elite’ runners. During my first session with Brian we chatted though a potential plan, which included less running days but more quality sessions. The variety and structure has been brilliant, and on race day I felt totally ready and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Meeting with other like-minded runners each week has also been amazing – a great reminder of the social aspects of running, and how the support of a community can really boost you to reach your PB!"

Destination RUN Coaching athlete with medal

Jodie T

"I joined DRC just over a year ago, the plan was just to train with Brian and Andy for 9 weeks until I ran the Surrey half. Well I ran the Surrey half smashed my PB by 7 minutes and I can say since then I’m still training with Brian and Andy have completed the Yateley 10k series and the Fleet 10k smashing PB’s! I can honestly say I’ve never met two coaches who are not only motivating and encouraging, but kind hearted and always caring! The group has become like a family to me, and my Monday nights wouldn’t be the same without a DRC session! It always starts my week right and puts me in a great mood to tackle the week ahead! Everyone who attends the DRC sessions are warm and welcoming, everyone chats and everyone supports each no matter what ability! DRC is not only tailored to you as an individual but there are great socials and whenever someone has an event everyone messages you to send loads of encouragement! I can honestly say I’ve met some of the nicest people since joining and can’t wait to continue my running journey with DRC! Thanks for getting me addicted to running gents and wanting pretty trainers!!!"

Destination RUN Coaching athlete with medal

Susie C

"From the very first meeting over a coffee in the local county park, I knew this was the team for me.  At my first session where I could barely run a km to six months further on where I completed my first half marathon the team, support and training has been outstanding.  To join the running world is daunting, the DRC team made it fun and welcoming. The camaraderie with the other athletes/runners is brilliant. So supportive, informative and inspirational. They are just there for you when you need it.  It’s quite a unique and wonderful little family to be welcomed into and to be part of".

Destination RUN Coaching athlete with medal

Lana M

"Having run inconsistently for a number of years, I was recommended Destination RUN Coaching by a friend to help me with an upcoming marathon. Having always assumed only the fast elite runners got coaches, I was amazed at how welcoming and helpful the team were from the off. Their knowledge and support is incomparable and the structure they give to my training has completely changed me as a runner. They’ve helped me achieve times I once could never have dreamed of, have built my confidence tremendously and most notably helped me achieve my Boston qualifying time - something I never imagined was possible before I met them. They have helped me believe anything is possible but the biggest thing is they make the process fun and exciting no matter what your ability or what stage of your running journey you’re at. I’m so happy to be part of what is an incredibly supporting and inspiring community of runners.".

Destination RUN Coaching athlete running

Dan H

"Nearly 12 months ago, I decided I needed some proper direction and support with my running. I have known Andy for many years and after seeing the DRC group running around Fleet, I decided to drop him a line. Since that first conversation, I haven't looked back. Not only are Andy and Brian great coaches, they are decent humans too!! They have created a great community of runners who feed off each other, provide support through the highs and lows and are simply good fun. Today, I am fitter and stronger, wiser when it comes to pacing and seeing great results in training and racing performances. I fully recommend DRC not just because of the coaches, but also the community that's been created".


Matt W

"I had been running off and on for a few years, struggling to improve on my PB's and found myself just running with no structure or real plan. I had tried the internet coaching, but didn’t really understand it and it didn’t motivate me, so found myself stuck in the same running rut. I joined Destination Run at the beginning of the year as I was training for the London Marathon in April. Andy met with me assessed where I was, discussed my goals and came up with a plan. Instantly my whole training changed. From just running I now had a plan. The varied training was an eye opener and gave me the confidence and ambition to put myself to the test. Even with a few small injury niggles along the way, Andy got me to April feeling stronger than ever. London came and I ran a 10 min PB which I could have only dreamt of before I started with Destination Run.  This was after only 16 weeks of focused training. Andy had opened my eyes to what’s possible and we will be meeting again to discuss the next targets and plans. With a full year of focused training I can’t wait to see what I can achieve. I can’t recommend Destination Run highly enough. They are a great bunch and make training fun and enjoyable for everyone, but still achieve some incredible results".

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