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Chloe B

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Rich J

"Having tried to run a marathon before with a generic internet plan, I found that when things changed, I lost focus and couldn’t discuss the plan with anyone. Destination RUN were suggested to me and from the first meeting they were professional and personable. I signed up to monthly plan/group sessions and they trained me all the way to Manchester marathon 2019. I’m am still on the monthly plan now as Its not only a way to keep accountable but also to keep fit and train with likeminded people. Would 100% recommend."


Terrence J

"I have been a member of the Destination RUN Coaching  (formerly PB Coach) community since 2017.
The knowledge of the coaches is some of the best you will find, but more importantly they are not just phenomenal coaches but amazing people. Coaching me back to some really good PB’s after major surgery.

Come and see for yourself and join the community."

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Chloe B

"This time last year (October), my runs were very sporadic with pace all over the place and I was a little lost with what I was doing. So at the beginning of 2021, I decided I wanted to tackle a marathon and soon realised I was going to need some help.

Destination RUN Coaching was highly recommended to me via a friend who has not only been achieving great PB's, but has made some great friends. For the same cost of a gym membership I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.

In just over 6 months, through Destination RUN Coaching's professional and supportive help, I've managed to become a consistent runner, my pace has dramatically improved and I've found a whole new love for running. Not forgetting to mention, I completed my first marathon! 

I was only looking to have a coach to help with the marathon training, but I enjoy the group sessions and structure of having a coach so much, they aren't getting rid of me anytime soon!"

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Timmy B

"I had been running for a few years, doing my own thing and getting frustrated I wasn’t improving, so I joined Destination RUN, and straight away the team there assessed me, started me on a plan to build strength, fitness, and after a solid base was built, I started to add speed. Within weeks I noticed the difference in my long runs, how much stronger and fitter I felt, and how I could recover quicker after. The team at Destination RUN are excellent at what they do, so friendly, and treat my needs individually. The club nights are great to join up with other like minded runners. My PB's started improving, after a few months, and the guys at Destination RUN have got me to a level I wouldn’t have been able to achieve with the training I was doing before I joined them."

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Robyn S

"What I've learned from being coached by Destination RUN Coaching, is that coaching can benefit athletes at all levels.

As one of the slower athletes here, I feel so welcome and supported and equally-valued.

Andy and Brian really know their stuff and the sessions they set are so impactful and keep you challenged, whilst keeping training varied and fun and being tailored specifically towards your personal goals - you WILL see a difference in your running capabilities as they know just how to draw out your very best running!

Both coaches are so positive and supportive of your efforts and stay flexible with you through even the toughest of circumstances. They wouldn't ever give up on you and always have your back with a smile. I would take my coaching needs anywhere else!"

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Emma M

"After my first marathon attempt I knew I wanted to be better prepared for the next one on the horizon. I was nervous about contacting a running coach as I thought they would only be for ‘elite’ runners. During my first session with Brian we chatted though a potential plan, which included less running days but more quality sessions. The variety and structure has been brilliant, and on race day I felt really totally ready and thoroughly enjoyed the experience! Meeting with other like-minded runners each week has also been amazing – a great reminder of the social aspects of running, and how the support of a community can really boost you to reach your PB!"

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