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We are able to offer ultramarathon coaching for beginners to elite runners looking to tackle all ultramarathon distances from 50K up to 100 miles and beyond on road and trail.

Andy is a UESCA Certified Ultrarunning Coach, is part of the UESCA Coaching Team and an experienced trail and ultrarunner. He is qualified to coach, support and provide bespoke advice for all aspects of ultramarathon training and racing.

This includes the following areas;


Goal Setting and Event Selection

Long-term Training Programming and Race Planning

Training Benchmarking and Analysis

Monthly Coaching Packages*

Running Form and Biomechanics

Nutrition Advice

Strength and Conditioning Advice

Ultrarunning Psychology

Race Preparation, Race Strategy and Pacing

*See our 'Monthly Coaching Packages' page for further details.

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If you would like more information on any of the above or would like to chat further with Andy about how he can help you, please click on the button below which will take you to our contact page.

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