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At Destination RUN Coaching we believe in preserving the amazing natural environment that we use. To leave (mainly muddy) footprints, take away lifelong memories and improve fitness is core to our running beliefs. We work closely with our partners to move towards being a CARBON NEUTRAL company, through being as environmentally friendly as possible and off-setting any carbon use. 

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  • For every monthly plan we generate, we plant a tree.

  • We aim to use the latest in sustainable running wear wherever possible.

  • Any old running gear is sent to a company which specialises in reusing and reconstituting kit and footwear (circular economy).

  • Promote car sharing (hybrid and electric where possible) and use of public transport for training and racing.

  • Encourage all our athletes to take part in a monthly PLOG (plogging is an activity where you litter pick whilst jogging).

  • Significant reduction in the reliance on single use plastic items and encourage all our athletes to do the same.

  • Green credits are available to all athletes that can be used for discounts on the site including plans and merchandise.


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